Antibes – Just designed for Painters!

Antibes from a favourite location of Claude Monet

Antibes on the Cote d’ Azur was a favourite painting spot for Monet and Renoir, so it appeals to me too! .

Not quite in their league of course but really a fun place to paint watercolours or just wander the streets in the old town.

There is a fine Picasso museum and gallery too, so there is lots to see there

Very busy in summer but more fun to go to now that the new underground car park is open!

We just love being there and I am sure you will to.

here are some paintings on Antibes painted over the past few years.

I hope you like them.


The artist at Antibes
Antibes, boats and Mountains
The Old Town
The view from the market in Antibes


Gourdon – Right up there!

Gourdon and the coast from the meadow. A sketch book painting of 2017

Hi above the coast between Nice and Antibes lies the beautiful perched village of Gourdon.

It’s site is remarkable and visiting there is a great thing to do when in the area. The winding, but not too scary, road from Chateauneuf gives wonderful panoramas of the village and from the edge of the town the views to the coast as far as the bay of Cannes are spectacular.

Good cafes and restaurants are there too and many interesting shops, perfumeries and galleries to wander around.

We often go there and last time picnicked just outside the town on the nearby meadow.

Here are just a few paintings, both painted in  winter and summer, and the first one just recently from the meadow. Some are  recent but others are from the past decade or so.



Gourdon as you approach from Chateauneuf
A Pottery shop and restaurant in Gourdon
The entrance to Gourdon in winter
A courtyard in Gourdon
From Gourdon to the North

St Tropez – A Town of contrasts

Yachts sailing off St Tropez

For the second town on the new blog I have chosen St Tropez.

Not only is it one of my favourite places to paint watercolours but it is a fascinating town of contrasts, the glitzy harbour with the multi million pound boats and yachts, and the quiet back streets with the beautiful Port de Peche and so many little , but good restaurants.

Firstly the ONLY way to get there in a calm way is to take the ferry from St Maxime.  Even in summer you can park at St Maxime and avoid the dreadful traffic round to St Tropez.

Secondly it epitomises the glamour , wealth and beauty of the Southern French Coast.

So here are a few paintings of St Tropez which I do hope you will enjoy









Port de Peche