Antibes – Just designed for Painters!

Antibes from a favourite location of Claude Monet

Antibes on the Cote d’ Azur was a favourite painting spot for Monet and Renoir, so it appeals to me too! .

Not quite in their league of course but really a fun place to paint watercolours or just wander the streets in the old town.

There is a fine Picasso museum and gallery too, so there is lots to see there

Very busy in summer but more fun to go to now that the new underground car park is open!

We just love being there and I am sure you will to.

here are some paintings on Antibes painted over the past few years.

I hope you like them.


The artist at Antibes
Antibes, boats and Mountains
The Old Town
The view from the market in Antibes

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After spending 40 years in Aerospace I now enjoy painting watercolours of our travels around the world. I also paint for others who would like reminders of there favourite places. Most of my paintings are painted from photos that I have taken, or taken by others. This blog shows some paintings from Yvonne's and my travels together. Have look at my other Blog

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